Snow covered road in Iowa winter

(Photo: Iowa Soybean Association)

Thoughts on a snow day

January 12, 2024 | Bethany Baratta

The Des Moines area has seen more than 18 inches of snow since Monday, Jan. 8. So, we’ve asked some Iowa Soybean Association staff this question:  When you see a "once in a decade" significant snowfall, what do you think about in your role with the Iowa Soybean Association or one of its affiliates? Here’s what they said:

“I’ve spent quite a bit of time today responding to questions from the media on trade, biofuels and the upcoming caucuses. I’m thankful I have a relatively short commute to the office—and a 4-wheel drive pickup on days like today. I imagine country roads are impassable in places and the weather will impact grain delivery for a few days. While it’s a big blizzard snow, I remember many like this when I was a kid.  I’m not sure how much of this snow will soak in when it melts if the ground was frozen. The cold temps will be a bigger issue over the next few days for those with livestock.” Grant Kimberley, Iowa Soybean Association Sr. Director of Market Development

“The snow reminds me of the frigid days milking cows and huddling by the milk pump after switching milkers to stay warm. I’m grateful for the farmers who don’t get “snow days”!” Easton Kuboushek, Iowa Soybean Association Sr. Director of Operations

“When we are snowed in, I am grateful for a chance to slow down and refocus. I enjoy the ability to wake up a bit later without a commute, savor a cup of coffee, and read through emails on the couch. Learning is on my mind today, as well. How can I efficiently use the 40 minutes that I normally use to drive? Today I'm reading about effective communication strategies to help farmers and my colleagues.” Rebekah Jones, Communications Director, Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance

“During a “once in a decade” snow event I take time to be grateful.  I am thankful for the extra time with family, warmth indoors, time to detach and think more intentionally about the future.  This time has been especially beneficial as the Research and Conservation team has been focusing on developing our future strategic action plan and the professional development for our team.” Christie Wiebbecke, Chief Officer, Research and Conservation at Iowa Soybean Association

“During this snowfall, I am grateful that our farmers are getting much needed moisture for next year. It is a hassle to move and get around in it, but snow and cold are vital to our cropping cycle to replenish moisture and for extreme temperatures to reduce the potential impact of pests next season. I am also very thankful to today’s technology for always allowing me to connect with team members and farmers to keeping working what’s important…technology has killed the snow day.” Joe McClure, Director of Research for the Iowa Soybean Association ISA Research Center for Farming Innovation

“I hope everyone is staying safe. I’m wondering how the farm animals are being tended to. Glad we are making ice so I can go ice fishing this weekend. Is the KC Chiefs game still gonna be played?  I am tired of all day zoom meetings.” Roger Wolf, Iowa Soybean Association Research Center for Farming Innovation Director of Conservation