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Summer edition of Fresh Pickings delivers ag awareness to consumers statewide

August 11, 2022 | Lydia Zerby

More than 100,000 food and health-minded Iowans discovered the latest issue of Fresh Pickings magazine in their mailboxes and email inboxes this week.

The Iowa Food & Family Project’s seasonal print publication makes modern agriculture accessible, interesting and relevant to consumers statewide through personable editorial and stunning photography.

The latest issue introduces readers to Iowa farmers, veterinarians and nutritionists who help farm animals live the good life. Plus, readers will discover how the Iowa Soybean Association’s recent learning journey to Brazil will better help farmers better compete in a global marketplace. And, just in time for a busy back-to-school season, readers will learn how to make meal prepping a cinch by pairing nutritious proteins with key ingredients for balanced options. Sara Preston, a sixth-generation farmer near Swea City, wraps up her year-long magazine series and discusses the future of agriculture.

Fresh Pickings magazine, published quarterly, is available at no cost at Iowa-based Earl May Nursery & Garden Centers and distributed at Iowa FFP events (while supplies last) as well as by partners and select organizations featured in the issue. Readers can also view the publication online and request a mailed subscription at

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About the Iowa Food & Family Project

The Iowa Food & Family Project invites Iowans to explore how food is grown, raised and enjoyed around the state and meet the farmers who make it happen – 24/7, 365 days a year. The initiative networks with nearly 35 food, farm and healthy living organizations that are proud of Iowa's homegrown foods and hometown values to connect with more than 130,000 food and health-minded consumers. 

Funded in part by the soybean, pork, corn, beef, dairy, egg and turkey checkoffs as well as non-checkoff resources.