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More Iowa cropland now eligible for 2023 enrollment in SWOF

August 17, 2023

More Iowa cropland is now eligible for 2023 enrollment with the Soil and Water Outcomes Fund® (SWOF)!

Farmers enrolled in the program last year earned an average of $34 per acre. If you’re thinking of adding or expanding a conservation practice in your operation, such as reducing your tillage, implementing cover crops, or extending crop rotations, now is the time to enroll your acres.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Enhance your farm’s financial resiliency through improved soil health.

How Do I Find Out More and Enroll?

Visit theoutcomesfund.com to learn more and enroll. SWOF has a dedicated team of program field reps to help answer questions and guide you through the enrollment process. You can also send questions to contactus@theoutcomesfund.com.