Iowa soybean farmers completing survey on his iPad

(Photo: Iowa Soybean Association)

Make your voice heard

July 27, 2022 | Jeff Hutton

Your opinion matters and what you have to say directly impacts the future and direction of the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA).

Beginning Aug. 8, ISA farmer-members will receive an email asking them to participate in the organization’s annual survey.

Results from the survey will be tabulated, and in turn, those answers will help shape ISA’s engagement efforts and goals for the next year.

What are the questions?

The email survey asks participants to address a variety of topics – everything from demographic details, engagement with and perceptions about ISA.

The survey queries members about their familiarity with ISA, overall experience with the association and topics they hope ISA will address in the future.

“The feedback we receive from the annual survey allows us to pivot our efforts to best fit the Iowa soybean farmer,” says ISA Producer Services Coordinator Kennady Moffitt. “We take great responsibility in providing useful and meaningful opportunities for our farmer members and the survey results help us hone in on the big priorities.”

Last year’s results

Last year’s survey noted that approximately 86% of farmer members reported feeling at least somewhat familiar with ISA.

Another highlight from the 2021 survey noted that 81% of farmer members were engaged with ISA by reading the Iowa Soybean Review – ISA’s monthly magazine; one out of three indicated they visited the ISA website monthly or more frequently.

Survey respondents shared their concerns about the future including climate change, government regulations and rising land and input costs.

They also offered their thoughts on conservation, citing the use of cover crops, no-till farming and automation as being “critical to their future operation.” And among their conservation practices, farmers most frequently reported using grass waterways and no-till as some of the ways they practice conservation on the farm.

Bonus offering

Respondents who fill out their 2022 survey will be entered into a drawing for one of 50 $10 Amazon gift cards.

Members’ email addresses will only be used to send the gift card and/or to provide answers to those seeking information on leadership development, research trials, marketing, policy and regulatory advocacy efforts, conservation practices and Advocate membership.

In the end, ISA Producer Services Coordinator Breanna Wagner hopes Iowa’s soybean producers will share their views.

“Our mission at the Iowa Soybean Association is to be the most trusted partner of Iowa’s soybean farmers dedicated to expanding opportunities and delivering results,” she says. “Feedback from the annual survey is critical to ensuring that we’re able to meet the needs of our farmer members.”