2019 Nuffield International Farming Scholar Rose Danaher, an Amana, Iowa native. (Photo credit: Iowa Soybean Association)

Applications open for 2022 Nuffield Scholarships

October 6, 2021

Do you like to travel and want to do some agricultural research along the way? The 2022 Nuffield International Farming Scholarships are taking applications until Oct. 22 and Iowa producers and ag professionals between the ages of 25 and 45 are encouraged to apply.

Iowa’s 2019 Nuffield International Farming Scholar Rose Danaher, a native of Amana, says scholars can choose to research a general topic as part of the program’s 14 weeks of research, but can also explore the agriculture topics which could help make their own farming business more profitable.

Danaher, a watershed project coordinator for the Iowa County Soil and Water Conservation District, researched strategies to reduce the water quality impacts of production agriculture and tactics to educate the public about what farmers are doing to improve water quality. Her experience was made possible through the Iowa Soybean Association and others who financially support the program.

She says she initially didn’t know much about the program before applying and was surprised at how much bigger her personal community became once a Nuffield International Scholar.

“My expectation was travel and knowledge, but what I really learned was it’s about the relationships and the community,” Danaher says.

Among the many unique opportunities of the Nuffield Scholarship, scholars attend the 2022 Nuffield International Contemporary Scholars Conference, plan out eight weeks of self-organized travel around their research topic and participate in a multi-week Global Focus Program travel experience. Some of the countries Danaher visited with fellow scholars included Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, France and Canada.

“The group travel was really special,” Danaher says. “We spent six weeks in a group of 10 with other scholars from different countries, getting to know them. We finished in the U.S. and talking to them and taking them around Washington, D.C. was really cool. Those are friendships that will last a lifetime.”

For more information and how to apply, visit the website. Applications close October 22.