The Ewoldt family poses on their Davenport farm.

The State of Soy: Season 2, Episode 8

August 12, 2020

August is Soybean Month and this episode features a little bit of everything in the world of soybeans, from water quality and biodiesel to global exports and communications. We hear about the goals behind the Nutrient Reduction Strategy and how the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance collaborates with others to improve our water quality. We also highlight the Communications Squad, a key program within ISA. Two farmers share how this effort adds value to how they share messages about agriculture with consumers. And if you drive a diesel engine, you'll want to hear some words of advice from biodiesel experts on how to make your fuel go further. We also check in with Robb Ewoldt, a farmer near Davenport, on how important exports are to his operation. And for this month's Through the Lens, we see two of Iowa's county fairs showing us that sometimes, the show simply must go on!


In this episode: 

Communications Squad: Sharing agriculture's story

It's no secret that the gap between consumers and modern agriculture is ever present. The ISA Communications Squad assembles throughout the year to determine best communications practices, network with reporters and complete interview exercises to better help farmers share their farming practices.

Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance: Strength in numbers

In 2014, Iowa's leading agriculture groups decided to join forces to determine the best ways to improve Iowa's water quality in the world of agriculture. The Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance takes this concept to heart, and partners with farmers, landowners, businesses, cities and organizations to create a collaborative approach to help improve Iowa's water quality.

Global soy exports

With nearly 800 buyers from around the world, the Global Soy Exchange Conference this month will showcase why U.S. soy is the best deal on the planet. Robb Ewoldt farms just three miles away from a river terminal in Davenport and will virtually host the buyers on his operation to show them how he grows soybeans and how they leave the country.

Biodiesel engine maintenance  

The State of Soy traveled to Sutherland, Iowa to talk with biodiesel experts on engine maintenance. Biodiesel is a homegrown, environmentally friendly fuel grown and produced right here in Iowa. Learn how to make this fuel go even further on your own operation.

Through the Lens: County fairs

ISA's Joe Murphy takes us "Through the Lens" to two of Iowa's county fairs. During a summer where adaptation and flexibility remained the name of the game, these county fairs show us that sometimes, the show must go on.