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The Iowa Soybean Association supports Biden's nomination of Radhika Fox to the EPA Office of Water. Under Radhika’s leadership as CEO of the U.S. Water Alliance, a ‘One Water’ vision has transformed the way we think about and manage water. Photo Credit: Joseph L. Murphy/Iowa Soybean Association

Iowa Soybean Association Backs Nomination of Fox to EPA Office of Water

January 22, 2021

Statement on behalf of Iowa Soybean Association President Jeff Jorgenson of Sidney, Iowa

“Iowa soybean farmers understand the direct tie between crop and environmental performance. Strong soils and water availability are key to optimizing soybean yields. Reducing sediment loss, sequestering carbon and improving water quality also have a direct and positive impact on the bottom line of farmers and quality of life for our families, neighbors and communities.

“President Joe Biden’s nomination of Radhika Fox to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Water bodes well for the soybean industry. Under Radhika’s leadership as CEO of the U.S. Water Alliance, a ‘One Water’ vision has transformed the way we think about and manage water. 

“The Iowa Soybean Association supports her nomination to this important post. During her tenure at the Alliance, farmers and ISA staff worked closely with Radhika to advance One Water initiatives. Our collaboration enhances water resources management benefiting farmers, production agriculture and urban communities. Outcomes include improved water quality, flood mitigation and recreation, enhanced city infrastructure, improved ag, industry, manufacturing, research outcomes and climate adaptation to realize a more sustainable future for water.

“Radhika has made it a priority to build strong relationships with soybean farmers and ag stakeholders. She understands how water management issues are interwoven with the fabric of rural and urban communities and that farmers must be part of the team and beneficiaries of this work. This integration is key for making real and long-lasting progress on protecting and improving water in the 21st century.

“We are confident that Radhika’s role at EPA will be impactful and beneficial for farmers. We look forward to working with her while growing yields, uses and markets for Iowa-grown soybeans.”   

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