September 2023

September 1, 2023


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On the Cover
The Port of Blencoe, situated on the Missouri River, offers an opportunity for soybean farmers to reach global customers. Investment of soybean checkoff dollars helped bring this opportunity to fruition.

Comfortable being uncomfortable
Just like the soybean plant can add yield and protein when stressed, ISA is at its best when we’re dissatisfied with the status quo.
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No shortcuts: Just time, effort and investment
There are no ‘hacks’ when it comes to the gains earned in soybean demand, sales and productivity. Only time, attention and investment.
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Price sells soybeans during trade mission to Chile
The U.S. will soon have larger quantities of soybean meal competitively priced and ready for export.
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Connecting supply with demand
The Soy Transportation Committee (STC) was established to make the transportation system more cost-effective and reliable for farmers and consumers.
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Connecting farms to markets
Iowa soybeans reach their destination by travelling through a series of bridges, locks and dams, and ports that are in need of repairs and updates.
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Soy priorities on capitol hill
Farmers participating in the Iowa-Missouri Policy Leaders Fellowship (PLF) travel to Washington D.C. to garner support for 2023 farm bill priorities.
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Improving manure management
Manure is an important source of nutrients for crop production, but manured production is sometimes associated with excessive nutrient losses.
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Partnering for better nitrogen science
Nitrogen is critical in crop production but has become one of the most expensive fertilizers in recent years.
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The SHIP that tracks soil health
Soil Health Interpretation Portal (SHIP) is an online system that scores soils and helps farmers evaluate their soil and make management decisions.
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