November 2022

November 1, 2022


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On the Cover
Cattle on Dave Struthers’ farm near Collins. Struthers says checkoff investment supports the work of the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers, which helps grow Iowa’s livestock industry, also building demand for soybeans.

Executive Insights: Resist shiny object syndrome
When discipline is lacking, we can be busy with many things but lose sight of what’s most important and impactful.
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Farmers dissect soybean challenges, opportunities
At the Soybean Research Forum and Think Tank in Indianapolis in July, four farmers participated in a panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities in the soybean industry.
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Iowa distillery honors veterans, grandfather
Local Iowa farmers start up their own distillery.
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Le Mars farmer wins Iowa Soybean Association drone giveaway
Cody Gradert, a soybean farmer from Le Mars, is the Iowa Soybean Association’s (ISA) grand prize recipient of new drone technology from a summer giveaway contest aimed at driving farmer membership across the state.
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Bailey family raises the ‘steaks’ to purchase Anita Meat Processing
When an opportunity knocked, Scot Bailey, wife Cheryl and son Jackson answered.
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Iowa soybean farmer appointed vice chair of ASA World Initiative for Soy in Human Health
Morey Hill, an Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) director and soybean farmer from Madrid, has been elected Vice Chair of ASA’s WISHH Executive Committee for the upcoming year.
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Soy aquaculture on the verge of domestic success
You could argue that it’s the newest version of surf ’n’ turf and one of the chefs involved is the American soybean farmer.
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Building preference for U.S. soy
Checkoff dollars support initiatives globally that boost demand and use of U.S. soy for humans and livestock.
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Coalition helps livestock farmers implement best management practices
For 18 years, the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers (CSIF) has assisted Iowa farmers in navigating through rules and regulations surrounding livestock farming.
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Animal Agriculture Alliance bridges communication between farmers and food communities
The AAA works to safeguard the future of animal agriculture and its value to society by bridging the communication gap between the farm and food communities.
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Rural Route 2: A perfect pairing
As a great source of protein and rich in amino acids, soybeans are a premier choice for livestock feed.
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