February 2021

February 15, 2021

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On the Cover
Brian Keierleber, an engineer for Buchanan County, has been a proponent of innovative solutions to keep roadways in good condition. Buchanan County recently used PoreShield, a soy-based product, to slow weather-related damage.

Executive Insights
A conversation with Kirk Leeds, ISA Chief Executive Officer,  about the importance of new uses for U.S. soy.
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Think Big. Deliver Big. Win Big.
Policy updates from Michael Dolch, ISA Director of Public Affairs.

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Importance of Soy
The checkoff partners with manufacturers to commercialize soy-based products, giving consumers even more opportunities to buy products that contain U.S. soy.
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Biodiesel Boost
City of Ames on track to reduce carbon footprint.
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Use Soy for That
Soy helps everyday products perform better. How do you use soy in your daily life or business? Let us know at www.iasoybeans.com/UseSoy to be entered to win a soy candle!
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Preserving Iowa’s infrastructure with soy-based PoreShield.
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How one farmer is fitting conservation into profitability. 
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Survey, campaign show U.S. soy advantage.
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On-Demand Research
From scouting to pest concerns, website covers the bases.
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Letters to the Editor and editor's notes by Ann Clinton.
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