Peter Kyveryga stands with microphone in front of audie

Dr. Peter Kyveryga, ISA sr. research scientist and analytics team lead, shares some of his research findings at an ISA Research & Results Forum in 2019. (Photo: Joseph L. Murphy/Iowa Soybean Association)

Free, online tools for soybean farmers

January 19, 2021

January Research Spotlight

You may have heard about the ISA Research Center for Farming Innovation's online tools available for farmers to use for free, but have you met the man behind them? ISA's Dr. Peter Kyveryga has devoted nearly 15 years to studying data and sharing the information with farmers in an easy-to-understand and accessible way as part of the ISA Analytics team. Take a listen to Peter's background, a rundown of the online tools available on the ISA website, and get a sneak peak at an up-and-coming online tool he's working on right now.