Farmers running for District 9

2024 Director Elections: District 9 candidates

May 31, 2024

Jeff Cuddeback, Washington 

Jeff Cuddeback and his father raise soybeans, corn and cereal rye on a 10th generation farm. They also custom feed pigs. 

He earned his bachelor’s degree in finance.  

Cuddeback is a board member and voting delegate for the Washington County Farm Bureau and has served as county president. He is president of the Washington Community School District Foundation. 

Why are you interested in serving on the ISA board? 

While working in the corporate world for more than 20 years, I traveled much of the country and was amazed at the reaction when I told people I was involved in our family farm. There are a lot of forces working against those of us in agriculture, and I am passionate about preaching about farm life and production agriculture. 

What’s the biggest issue facing Iowa soybean farmers right now, and how can the board address it? 

Developing new markets. Until a cheaper plant-based protein source is developed, livestock feed will always be a major market for soybean producers. I worry about a widespread livestock disease that could trim usage significantly on short order. If that happens, we will still need soybean buyers.  

Jeff Ellis, Donnellson 

Jeff Ellis raises soybeans and corn with his wife Paula and their sons. The family utilizes various conservation practices, including cover crops, no-till, buffer strips and terraces. They also have a custom spraying operation. 

He earned an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Feed and Fertilizer Marketing.  

Ellis has served as a regional delegate for the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA), and was involved in ISA’s Experience Class, District Advisory Council and Policy Leaders Fellowship. He has also been involved in Lee County Farm Bureau and served on the Sharon Presbyterian Church’s board of trustees. 

Why are you interested in serving on the ISA board? 

I enjoy networking with like-minded people to tell soybean farmers’ stories and come up with policies for the betterment of soybean farmers. ISA is an elite organization that has a voice and ability to get in front  of legislators and lobby for its members.  

What’s the biggest issue facing Iowa soybean farmers right now and how can the board address it? 

Acquiring new/alternative markets. I know there are some options on the horizon, and I would like to help the soybean industry get into these markets.