Young farmer from Lacona in front of tractor

(Photo: Iowa Soybean Association / Joclyn Bushman)

Member spotlight: Aidin Dittmer, Lacona

July 6, 2023 | Joseph Hopper

Aidin Dittmer is a man of few words. Instead, the young farmer is a man of action. After high school, he began farming with his dad near Lacona.

“I grew up on a farm in Warren County, and I’ve been involved since I was old enough to bottle-feed calves,” Dittmer says. “My parents wanted me to have some skin in the game. So, I dove in and began growing soybeans, corn, wheat and alfalfa on ground of my own.”

Signing up for the Soy Squad

Dittmer is new to engaging with the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA). His introduction to ISA began by participating in the Soy Squad program — an opportunity for current and former students looking to gain insight into the association’s research, demand, policy and education efforts. Dittmer credits one person in particular for sparking his involvement: ISA Chief Officer of Strategy & Brand Management Aaron Putze.

“I went into the program thinking, ‘this doesn’t really make a lot of sense’ but by the end, I realized the Iowa Soybean Association isn’t just about politics. It’s actually people who care about the farmer. It’s pretty cool to learn about the work being done to achieve better soybean yields and grow marketing for biofuels.”

Putze isn’t the only ISA figure pleased to see Dittmer become more involved. Randy Miller, ISA president and soybean farmer near Lacona, says he’s thrilled to see Dittmer and other young farmers like him pursuing involvement with ISA.

“Aidin is a great kid. ISA involvement allows you to meet other farmers, learn new things and have someone to bounce ideas off of,” Miller says. “Getting a young farmer involved at that age

is beneficial because they can see firsthand what the checkoff does for the average farmer and the true value it brings back to the farm.”

Dream come true

Now in year two of his farming career, he says getting to work on the farm each day is incredible. His family is happy for him, too.

“You can’t ask for anything else; I wake up every morning ready to work,” Dittmer says. “At the end of the day, farming with my dad has shown me that we love each other and are working toward the same goal.”

The Lacona farmer says he’s looking forward to getting more involved with ISA in the future. His long-term goal? Hang on.

“I suppose my goal is to not go broke by 2050,” he says with a laugh.

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