Iowa soybean grower on his farm

(Photo: Joclyn Bushman/Iowa Soybean Association)

Member Feature: Brian Strasser

July 19, 2022 | Joseph Hopper

It’s one of the beautiful stories of rural American life – sons and daughters of farm families setting off to make a name for themselves and eventually returning to the family farm.

Today, Brian Strasser lives on the same farmstead that was home to his grandfather and his mother.

He began his professional career as a computer programmer. After working in the industry for a decade, a twist of fate led him back to agriculture as the sales manager for Sinclair Tractor in Kalona.

“I cut my teeth inside the technology industry. Knowing the big picture of agriculture, from John Deere products to technology to agronomics to my own farm, I can relate and pull it all together. This experience has been an advantage in working with farmers.”

The Perfect Fit

Strasser grows row crops and raises hogs on the family farm. He’s been a member of the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) since he started farming in 2013.

ISA District 9 Director Pat Swanson, a fellow farmer and friend, encouraged Strasser to get involved in the association. He found the perfect fit with the Iowa- Missouri Policy Leaders Fellowship (PLF).

“We all have to do our part,” Strasser says. “It’s important to be engaged in these issues that ultimately impact farmers. I can bring more to the table than just a farmer’s perspective; there’s a large hat I can wear and be involved in many different issues. I enjoyed having that extra relatability with my customers too.”

Agriculture and its people – neighbors, friends and family keep Strasser excited as he nears a decade since returning to farming. He says farming is still full of salt of the earth types, who work to ensure a rising tide lifts all boats. Like Strasser’s farmer friends, he says ISA walks the talk. In the future, he hopes to further explore the conservation and research offerings of the association.

“ISA has some great people at the leadership level, and I look forward to furthering my involvement with the association. Those involved seem to be down to earth and want to get stuff done,” Strasser says.

“A lot of organizations are just about meetings over coffee and talking. ISA wants to further their benefit for Iowa farmers, and they truly believe in their mission statement and purpose.”