Adam Kiel stands in a field.

Enhance sustainability efforts, revenue opportunities. Learn more Feb. 12

January 28, 2021

As the Soil and Water Outcomes Fund enrolls more acres for the 2021 season, Iowa farmers can learn more about the program from Adam Kiel, Soil and Water Outcomes Fund managing director, during a free webinar on Friday, Feb. 12, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (CST). 

The Illinois Sustainable Ag Partnership and organizations from several Midwest states will discuss environmental and carbon market opportunities for farmers. The program will include presentations from the Soil and Water Outcomes Fund, Indigo Ag, Nori, and Ecosystem Services Market Consortium, providing information about enrollment, key contracting terms and conditions, payment schedules, and verification requirements. 

To register for the webinar, go to  Farming for the Future: A Forum Exploring Ecosystem Markets - Illinois Sustainable Ag Partnership (

The Soil and Water Outcomes Fund provides financial incentives directly to farmers who transition to on-farm conservation practices such as no till and cover crops that yield outcomes like carbon sequestration and water quality improvement. The resulting verified environmental outcomes are sold to a diverse group of public and private customers that benefit from them, including municipalities, state departments of agriculture, and the federal government.  

The Soil and Water Outcomes Fund is now seeking farmers to enroll acres. Farmers interested in enrollment can visit

“We are offering farmers an opportunity to earn revenue by enhancing sustainability on their farms through the addition of new conservation practices producing environmental outcomes,” said Adam Kiel, managing director of the Soil and Water Outcomes Fund and executive vice president of AgOutcomes. “We look forward to providing assistance and guidance to farmers in the coming years to enhance on-farm productivity and further conservation efforts.”

After a successful pilot involving nearly 10,000 acres in 2020, the Soil and Water Outcomes Fund is on track to increase enrollment to 90,000 acres, expanding from Iowa into Ohio and Illinois.

The Soil and Water Outcomes Fund is a partnership of AgOutcomes, a subsidiary of the Iowa Soybean Association, and ReHarvest Partners, a subsidiary of Quantified Ventures. AgOutcomes leads the agronomic and farmer relations elements of the operation and ReHarvest Partners manages the financial and contracting aspects of the Soil and Water Outcomes Fund.