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ISA Research Staff

ISA Research

  • Ed Anderson, PhD, Senior Director of Research (ISA)
  • Sue Derscheid, Research Administrative Coordinator
  • David Kurth, Research Program Coordinator

On-Farm Network®

  • Brett McArtor, Regional Agronomist
  • Scott Nelson, Director On-Farm Network
  • Anthony Martin, Regional Agronomist
  • Matt Hoffman, Regional Agronomist
  • Rich Stessman, CCA, Operations Manager


  • Peter Kyveryga, PhD, Director of Analytics
  • Suzanne Fey, Data Analyst
  • Chris Wilkins, GIS Developer/Data Analyst
  • Brad Wirt, GIS Developer/Data Analyst

Environmental Programs & Services

  • Roger Wolf, Director of Environmental Programs & Services
  • Todd Sutphin, Senior Operations Manager
  • Adam Kiel, Operations Manager
  • Anthony Seeman, Environmental Research Coordinator
  • Chris Hay, PhD, Senior Environmental Scientist
  • Diane Ercse, Watershed Coordinator/Resource Management Specialist
  • Dave Graham, Water Field Technician
  • Heath Ellison, CCA, Operations Manager
  • Karl Gesch, Watershed Coordinator/Resource Management Specialist
  • Keegan Kult, Environmental Scientist
  • Theo Gunther, CCA, Resource Management Specialist