Trials and Surveys

The On-Farm Network conducts trials on a variety of practices to assist farmers with the help of local agronomists, consultants or their regional On-Farm Network's field research specialist. Farmers generally use their own planter, application equipment, tillage implements or sprayers to establish the trials and use combines equipment with GPS and yield monitors to collect spatial data.

Trial Types

Planter Trials include:

  • Seedling rate
  • Seed treatment
  • In-furrow
  • Row spacing

Sprayer trials include corn and soybean with-row and perpendicular-to-row applications:

  • Foliar fungicides
  • Insecticides
  • Herbicides
  • Biologicals
  • Micro-and macronutrients

Nutrient application trials include studying rate, form, time and placement of nutrients and are implemented using fertilizer carts, floaters, manure injectors, tool bars or in-season high clearance sprayers.

Tillage trials include:

  • Comparison of two tillage practices
  • Comparison of tillage vs. no-till

Tillage trials are usually established in the fall or spring, therefore, the timeframe is typically longer than for other trial types.

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