Visser Named Consumer Engagement Manager

Kelly Visser has been named Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) Consumer Engagement Manager.

“I enjoy creating opportunities for non-farmers – like me – to connect with farmers, explore food production firsthand and ask questions,” said Visser, an Iowa State University graduate. “Living in Iowa, there are opportunities right at your doorstep to learn where your food comes from. It’s just a matter of seizing the opportunity.”

A priority for Visser is managing the Iowa Food & Family Project (Iowa FFP). Launched in 2011, Iowa FFP works with more than 35 partner organizations to improve consumer confidence and understanding of modern agriculture.

Visser brings opportunity knocking for Iowa consumers. She coordinates farm tours, organizes hundreds of volunteers to implement Iowa FFP activities at the Iowa State Fair and networks with farmers, restaurant owners and industry leaders to unite Iowans around the dinner table. 

Visser joined the ISA team earlier this year as a communications program coordinator. The title change, says ISA Communications Director Aaron Putze, APR, reflects the strategic importance of more effectively engaging with the 98 percent of Iowa’s population that doesn’t farm.

“Iowa soybean farmers consistently rank consumer and agricultural awareness as a priority,” Putze said.  “They want to mainstream modern agriculture, demonstrate its tangible benefits to consumers and help people of all walks of life be more aware and confident in today’s food production.”

Visser holds degrees in biology and journalism from ISU focusing on science communication. Prior to joining ISA, she held public relations and communications positions at Kemin Industries in Des Moines.

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