EPA Maintains Lackluster Support of Biodiesel Industry

Statement courtesy of soybean farmer and Iowa Soybean Association Secretary Dave Walton of Wilton

Ankeny, IA – The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ruling flatlining Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) volumes in both 2020 and 2021 is extremely disappointing. At a time when soybean farmers need a lift, the EPA seems intent on expanding America’s petroleum industry at the detriment of farm families and rural communities.

Maintaining flat volumes is not at all what we asked or hoped for. Meanwhile, the EPA continues to grant small refinery waivers, further decreasing volumes. The biodiesel industry is already operating considerably below capacity. Soybean farmers and biodiesel processors are ready and willing to produce more, but can’t with the EPA seemingly working against us.

Biodiesel is a homegrown, environmentally friendly fuel option that supports farmers and rural America while lessening our demand on foreign oil and fossil fuels. At a time when domestic demand for soybean farmers is more critical than ever, it’s discouraging to see bureaucrats continue to make policy decisions adversely impacting our ability to compete.

The EPA must stop granting small refinery waivers, expand volumes and start listening to farmers who are ready and willing to offer this sustainable, homegrown fuel alternative benefiting America.

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