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Three must-haves to gift your farmer this holiday season

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Photo Credit: Joseph L. Murphy/Iowa Soybean Association

By Katie James

Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the farmer near you? Look no further than these three useful, convenient gifts recommended by southwest Iowa farmer and gift-giving extraordinaire, Aimee Bissell.

1. Road Pro 12-Volt Portable Stove

Tired of the usual cold-cut sandwich and quick grab-and-go snacks for your combine or planter? This $31 stove is the solution. It’s hard sided and looks just like a lunchbox. Far from the elementary cafeteria, however, this portable stove can cook and warm food up to 300 degrees. Users can place pre-cooked, frozen or raw food in a disposable loaf pan, place inside with a small amount of water and plug’er in. Cooking something that might spill? Add a layer of aluminum foil to contain the goodness.

“This is a game changer,” says Bissell, avid fan of home-cooked meals. “If you have that hard-to-buy-for farmer, this is the gift to get.”

She says the gift of a warm meal is the gift that keeps on giving.

2. Trend Air/Pro Airshield, Faceshield and Dust Protector

This gift is a bit pricier, coming in at $395. But if you consider the cost of a doctor visit, antibiotic and possible blood draw or x-ray, this mask pays off in the long run. While it doesn’t make cleaning out the bins any more enjoyable, it will help you feel better the next day. This isn’t a disposable mask that sticks to a hot face, but instead has a fan that circulates air while also providing a shield.

“My farmers never go in a bin without one,” says Bissell, a concerned wife and mother of a farming family. “They also use this to keep dust out of their faces on windy days.”

This dual-purpose mask has a rechargeable battery, customizable head band and 98% filter efficiency.

3. Seed Chute

This is for the farmer who wants to load seed tender faster and with less of a headache. Bissell says she can empty her 50-unit seed box in two minutes with this seed chute.

It is lightweight, easy to carry and snaps into place on the bottom of the seed box. There are a couple different types of chutes, running from $425 - $449.95, depending on the type of system you need to fill.

“I used to dread filling the seed tender and lifting the seed box up high with the skid loader getting so tipsy,” Aimee says. “With this device, I don’t have to be directly over the tender at all.”The Bedford soybean and corn farmer says these are her 2019 farm products of the year, tried and tested.

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