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Following reversal of WOTUS, Iowa soybean farmers remain committed to improving water quality

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Following reversal of WOTUS, Iowa soybean farmers remain committed to improving water quality. (Photo: Joseph L. Murphy/Iowa Soybean Association)

Iowa Soybean Association President Rolland Schnell issued the following statement regarding today’s executive order by President Trump to reverse the Waters of the U.S. rule.

“Today’s executive order alleviates the concerns of Iowa soybean farmers who feared the burden the broadened authority the Waters of the U.S. rule would have on their farms.

“Farmers and landowners have long spoken out about the potential adverse impact to agriculture. We appreciate the Trump administration’s quick action after hearing the merits of our concerns.  

“The Iowa Soybean Association has long engaged and supported protecting Iowa’s water. While we recognize the need for clearer definitions within the Clean Water Act, we also are aware of the challenges farmers face from the ever changing landscape that can make management of Iowa’s water ways a moving target. Removing this rule does not change the commitment of Iowa soybean farmers to improving Iowa’s water quality.

“Iowa soybean farmers will continue to implement practices and support projects that protect and improve Iowa’s water quality.

“Water quality improvement in Iowa is warranted. Iowa soybean farmers remain focused on advancing real solutions to better water through the use of watershed planning, reduced tillage, cover crops and targeting installation of conservation practices where they have the most impact on the quality of our rivers, lakes and streams.

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