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Audio: SOILS Conference Highlights Agriculture and Climate Action

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Ray Gaesser stops for a photo on his field near Corning, IA. (Photo Credit: Joseph L. Murphy/Iowa Soybean Association)

By Katie James, ISA public relations manager

The SOILS 2019 conference recently took place at the Drake University Agricultural Law Center. Hosting several panels focused on water-quality improvement, soil health and the future of climate action, audience members heard from farmers, professors and municipal leaders throughout the day.

Discussing the perception of farmers when it comes to climate change, Matt Russell, executive director of Iowa Interfaith Power and Light, talks about how farmers are leaders when it comes to adaptation and innovation.

“Farmers – we change all the time. We innovate all the time,” he says. “We wake up in the morning and we have to solve problems. That’s what we do as farmers."

Russell outlines five areas of practice that many farmers are already doing to improve the longevity and health of their land.

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Serving on two panels throughout the day, Ray Gaesser delivered his message of adaptation and conservation.

“It was that first four-inch rain in an hour that we saw on our farm in 2010. That was our defining moment of when we decided that we needed something more than our no till and terraces and waterways.”
Gaesser also mentions IWiLL and his hopes for the legislation as we approach 2020.

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More information about this conference can be found here and more information about Iowa Interfaith Power and Light can be found here.

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