Logos and Standards

The Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) logos are available for use in .pdf, .jpeg and .eps formats. Iowa Soybean staff can simply download the logo they need after reviewing the usage guide. Attribution must be included on all materials as indicated in the guide. Internal projects must have marketing approval before they leave our building.

Outside of ISA, please fill out the below information and we will provide you with the correct ISA logo for your need. ISA marketing must recieve a copy of the materials with the logo for our files.

These logos should be included accordingly on every piece of information created and distributed both internally and externally, as stated in the usage guide. Care should always be taken to ensure logos are accurate.

Usage Guide
  • Funded & Partially Funded ISA Logo

    This is the preferred logo to use for ads, materials, marketing materials, power point slides, signage, embroidery and similar items. An embroidery logo is available for this logo as well. Attribution for this logo use should either be Funded by the soybean checkoff or Partially funded by the soybean checkoff. See the guide for details about attribution.

  • Not Funded ISA Logo

    This logo is used on any materials, press releases, marketing materials, power point slides, signage, similar items where checkoff does not fund this project. Attribution for using this logo should be Not funded by the soybean checkoff. See the guide for questions about attribution.

  • Social Media Logos

    This logo is the preferred logo to be used for social media and digital applications as needed. It is not for universal use. Attribution for this logo need to go through marketing. Wriiten out attributions are not always possible online.

  • Embroidery Logos

    ISA Logos for merchandise and embroidery. Both logos are available to use. The ISA logotype cannot be changed in anyway including colors. The all type treatment can change colors as needed. Please review with marketing before sending out. Light Blue is PMS: 285, Dark Blue PMS: 288, Light yellow is PMS: 1215, Dark Yellow is PMS: 123, Brown is PMS: 7519 and green is PMS: 369