Iowa soybean farmers jump-started their 2020 crop year in February by attending one of four Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) Research & Results Forums across the state. ISA staff and fellow farmers look conversed, learned and prepared to make the most of the growing season through greater productivity, profitability and sustainability.


“I plan to use this information to be more profitable and economically sustainable in my operation.” — Dave Struthers, Collins 

“Knowledge like this from ISA can help me to continuously improve my operation.” — Dan DeVries, Prairie City 

“I am already involved with ISA research trials, so I plan to utilize this information to implement additional trials on my fields and keep learning.” — Keith Lovrien, Clarksville

“ISA’s research tools will allow me to better analyze the profitability of certain treatments.” — Bret Seipold, Hastings

“Understanding ISA’s methods and results can help me better my own research.” — Chris Gaesser, Lenox

“I will be utilizing ISOFAST (Interactive Summaries of On-Farm Strip Trials) in the future to better understand the economics of certain products and practices.” — Dwight Hobson, Hancock 

“The unbiased nature of ISA’s research will help me to make better, more informed agronomy decisions.” — Kevin Prevo, Bloomfield

“The research presented was awesome. We need to get that information to farmers so we can fine-tune farming.” — Melvin Molitor, Ruthven

“I think this information can increase the number of no-till acres in the state. When farmers discover no-till, they’ll also discover that their soybean profits will go up considerably.” — Randy Souder, Rockwell City 

Farmer innovation is at the core of the work done within ISA's Research Center for Farming Innovation. Lessons learned in ISA research trials conducted throughout the state can give you a head-start as you make the most of every acre and input! The Iowa Soybean Association is Driven To Deliver quality programming benefiting you, the farmer. Questions? Contact us at