Keynote Speakers

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Kevin Bradley, Ph.D.

Kevin Bradley, Ph.D., has a faculty appointment that includes Extension and research responsibilities in the area of weed management in corn, soybean, wheat, pastures and forages. Bradley also teaches a graduate level class in herbicide mechanism of action. In addition to evaluating new herbicides and weed management techniques, Bradley's applied Extension and research program focuses on the development of programs for the prevention and management of herbicide-resistant weeds, on the interaction of herbicides and weeds with other agrochemicals and pests in the agroecosystem and on the effects of common pasture weeds on forage yield, quality and grazing preference. By far, the largest percentage of Bradley’s research and Extension efforts are directed towards the development of strategies for the management of glyphosate- and multiple-herbicide-resistant weed biotypes. Specifically, he has conducted numerous surveys to characterize the prevalence of herbicide resistance in weeds like waterhemp, and to determine the effectiveness of future herbicide-tolerant crop technologies for the management of these troublesome species.

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Lowell Catlett, Ph.D.

Lowell Catlett, Ph.D., retired as Regents Professor in Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business and Extension Economics and the Dean and Chief Administrative Officer of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences at New Mexico State University in July 2015. He is an exciting futurist whose knowledge of technologies and their implications on the way we will live and work is addressed in his varied and upbeat presentations.

Catlett received the New Mexico Distinguished Public Service Award in 2013 from the Governor of the state because of his dedication to public service and to the betterment of life in New Mexico. Catlett earned his bachelor’s degree in agricultural business and economics from West Texas State University, his master’s in Agricultural economics at NMSU and his doctorate in economics at Iowa State University. In 2010, Catlett received the Henry A. Wallace Award, established in 1978 to honor an Iowa State University alumnus who has made an outstanding contribution to national or international agriculture in writing, teaching, research and leadership. In addition to his selection in 2002 as a member of the original class of six New Mexico State University Regents Professors, Catlett has received every teaching award the university offers, including the Westhafer Award for Teaching in 1990. He is a consultant to the U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Interior, Defense and Labor and the World Bank. Catlett also serves on the Board of Trustees of the International Food Information Council and has been a consultant to many Fortune 500 companies.

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Sue Martin

Sue Martin is a well known analyst of futures markets. She brings to you up-to-date leading edge market information garnered from her 35 plus years of experience in the industry. Her analysis has a no nonsense approach. “There is no beating around the bush here!”
Sue is a regular Senior Market Analyst on the syndicated show of Market to Market on Public Television, and a guess analyst on US Farm Report and AgDay. During various times of the year, Sue is often asked to speak to producers in agriculture on behalf of banks, elevators, seed/chemical companies, and crop insurance companies.

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S. Elwynn Taylor, Ph.D.

S. Elwynn Taylor, Ph.D., is the extension climatologist at Iowa State University, and is well known for his analysis of weather influence on the Midwest. He is widely recognized for his clear explanations of the complexities of long-term weather variability. Before moving to Iowa in 1979, he was a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Alabama. He was educated in botany at Utah State University and completed his doctoral studies at Washington University in St. Louis in 1970. Taylor has published more than 200 articles reporting his research on the impacts of weather conditions, and his voice is well known from his regular Midwest radio broadcasts of crop-weather and other educational information. His explanations of global warming, ozone depletion, the El Niño and other weather events and how they impact life and our economy are clear, insightful and concise.

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