District 9 ISA meeting

Your Iowa Soybean Association District Directors invite you and your family to the annual District 9 meeting in Keota on Aug. 28!

From trade wars to battling Mother Nature, it’s been a challenging time for you. Please join us for an event that will bring you up-to-speed on ISA efforts to strengthen demand in new markets, champion farmer-friendly policies and regulations, support and improve soybean production through opportunities with the On-Farm Network and Environmental Programs & Services, and how soybean farmers are stepping forward to lead and share their stories with the media and consumers through ISA communications and the Iowa Food & Family Project.

5 p.m. Advocate Hour (This is the first step in developing ISA policy. Join us for the conversation.) 

6 p.m. Dinner

6:30 p.m. ISA update

We care about you, your family and your farm and our mission to expand opportunities and deliver results is stronger than ever.