Spillin’ the Beans is the Iowa Soybean Association’s podcast for farmers, featuring farmers. Hosted by Heather Lilienthal, the podcast dives into what Iowa soybean farmers are doing, thinking and planning and highlights how the Iowa Soybean Association is supporting their efforts. Perhaps it’s a conversation about how a Central Iowa farmer installed one of the Midwest’s most unique saturated buffers after a hallway conversation. Or maybe it’s chatting with farmers about new technology and techniques discovered through ISA’s research work. If you are growing soybeans, you need to tune in and find out how ISA is serving you and what you can do to take your farmer membership and engagement to the next level. We’re not only talking, we’re listening. So find out who’s Spillin’ the Beans here!

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  • Biodiesel Strengthens Farmers Bottom Line

    Guests: Grant Kimberley , Ron Heck
  • Soybeans are a Family Business

    Guests: Ray Gaesser , Chris Gaesser
  • Why Soybeans?

    Guests: Ron Heck , Grant Kimberley
  • Connecting to ISA personally and professionally

    Guests: Elyssa McFarland
  • Soybeans and Saturated Buffers

    Guests: Tom Vincent , Keegan Kult
  • Connecting with ISA

    Guests: Dave Walton

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