Spillin’ the Beans is the Iowa Soybean Association’s podcast for farmers, featuring farmers. Hosted by Heather Lilienthal, the podcast dives into what Iowa soybean farmers are doing, thinking and planning and highlights how the Iowa Soybean Association is supporting their efforts. Perhaps it’s a conversation about how a Central Iowa farmer installed one of the Midwest’s most unique saturated buffers after a hallway conversation. Or maybe it’s chatting with farmers about new technology and techniques discovered through ISA’s research work. If you are growing soybeans, you need to tune in and find out how ISA is serving you and what you can do to take your farmer membership and engagement to the next level. We’re not only talking, we’re listening. So find out who’s Spillin’ the Beans here!

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  • Biodiesel Strengthens Farmers Bottom Line

    It's been quite a ride for the biodiesel industry and Iowa soybean farmers have played a pivotal role in not only growing the crop to fuel it...they helped create the industry. Ron Heck, a central Iowa farmer, and Grant Kimberley, ISA director of market development and executive director of the Iowa Biodiesel Board, explain the evolution of this fuel. From discussions with retailers to explaining it to leaders in the White House, this podcast covers the amazing history of this important component of Iowa agriculture.
    Guests: Grant Kimberley , Ron Heck
  • It's all in the family for these soybean farmers

    It's one thing to work with your family. It's another when it comes to spending even more time together for volunteer work. That's exactly what's happening...and what's working...for the Gaesser family in southwest Iowa. Ray and Chris Gaesser talk about all kinds of things, ranging from zombie-themed reading to why it's important to invest time in your industry. Kick back and meet the Gaessers and find out what makes ISA so special to them and their farm.
    Guests: Ray Gaesser , Chris Gaesser
  • What makes soybeans so special?

    This is one of Heather's favorite conversations with Ron Heck and Grant Kimberley. Soybeans represent a truly unique component to Iowa agriculture. They're packed with protein (for livestock and people and fish!), they create fuel in the form of biodiesel and the markets are growing. But, really, why are they so special? Listen in and learn more about Iowa's most well-rounded crop!
    Guests: Ron Heck , Grant Kimberley
  • A self-titled soils nerd spills the beans about why ISA matters

    From hanging out with her dad in the shop on the farm to being involved in FFA, Elyssa McFarland has found a home with Iowa agriculture as a farmer and a field manager for the Soil Health Partnership. In this podcast, she and Heather talk about the intersection of her roles and how ISA has been a resource for her. If you have a desire for the dirt (and we're talking soil, here), listen in!
    Guests: Elyssa McFarland
  • How a farmer's desire to make a difference in conservation is doing just that

    It really started with a farmer learning more about the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy. Tom Vincent, a central Iowa farmer, was standing in a hallway at ISA and asked, "What's one thing I can do?" The ball got rolling...water sampling, setting a baseline, exploring options, making a plan, changing the plan...and creating a very unique conservation structure in the form of saturated buffers. Tom is joined by Keegan Kult, ISA environmental scientist, who worked closely to find the right approach to match Tom's landscape. Take some time to find out how this worked for Tom. Maybe you'll get the next ball rolling.
    Guests: Tom Vincent , Keegan Kult
  • How one Iowa soybean farmer connected with ISA through sweet corn

    Life is funny. Sometimes it gets in the way, but it doesn't mean that you can't return to a path that you started down years before. Eastern Iowa farmer Dave Walton reminisces about his path with ISA...from being a young leader, to talking about GMOS (and sweet corn), to getting involved with ISA programs and running for the state association board. Meet a farmer who enjoys talking about what he grows, how he does it, why he does it and why ISA has been worth the time to serve as a leader.
    Guests: Dave Walton

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