ISA’s Environmental Programs and Services (EPS)

Iowa Soybean Association Office

Through ISA EPS, Iowa soybean farmers have taken leadership, since 2000, in advancing agriculture's environmental performance. Their state soybean checkoff investment leverages public and private funding to help farmers and their partners in agribusiness, environmental organizations, government and academia increase understanding of complex environmental issues and find workable solutions.

Employing principles of cooperative conservation, planning, applied evaluation and adaptive implementation, ISA EPS engages partners in action-oriented, on-the-ground programs, projects and initiatives. We develop, pilot and disseminate tools, programs and services for conserving and protecting natural resources while helping farmers remain profitable and increase yields to meet growing demands for food, feed and fuel—all essential components of long-term sustainability.

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  • Working on over 200 Iowa farms
  • Active in 26 Iowa watersheds, 5.7 million acres
  • Collaborating with over 30 public and private partners
  • Extending CEMSA planning to 400 more farmers in 5 additional states
  • Monitoring water regularly at 138 sites in 2 river basins, with ACWA and other partners
  • Installed 6 denitrifying bioreactors for partners; 15 more expected in 2011
  • Since 2000, leveraged over $3 million in Iowa soybean checkoff investment 3x with other funding to advance agriculture’s environmental performance
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